Solid Sissy Gag

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HEAVY RUBBER Latex Sissy Gag, expertly crafted with 1.0mm latex and featuring a stylish white contrast color. A must-have item for any sissy training! Sometimes, a little silence is needed to focus on your tasks or as a reminder for naughty behavior. With our Heavy Rubber Mouth patch and adorable white gag inside, you’ll be ready for any training session!

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HEAVY RUBBER Latex Sissy Gag

Crafted with precision from durable 1.0mm latex and adorned with a stylish white contrast color, this gag is a must-have item for any sissy training regimen.

We understand that sometimes silence is golden, whether you need to focus on your tasks or require a gentle reminder to behave. That’s where our Heavy Rubber Mouth patch comes in handy. With its adorable white gag nestled inside, it’s the perfect tool to help you stay disciplined and focused during your training sessions.

From enhancing your obedience to adding a touch of elegance to your ensemble, our Latex Sissy Gag is the ultimate accessory for any sissy in training. Embrace your journey with confidence and style, knowing that you’re equipped with the finest quality gear to support your growth and development.

Get ready to silence any distractions and embrace your submissive side like never before with our HEAVY RUBBER Latex Sissy Gag!

Adjustable at back: Fits all head sizes!


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