Sissy Boy Sheath

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Cute latex sheath for sissy boys: It features a BIG LATEX BOW with LACES upside plus waved LATEX FRILLING at front and all around your little winnie. This Latex sheath is OPEN so it is going to expose the head of your little winnie. It has a second SMALL LATEX BOW DOWNSIDE so you will look like a real cute sissy girl on any point of view!

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Sissy Boy Latex Sheath

Introducing our enchanting latex sheath tailored specifically for sissy girls! This delightful piece boasts a charming array of features designed to accentuate your femininity and capture attention wherever you go.

At the forefront of this design is a sizable latex bow adorned with intricate laces, positioned elegantly atop the sheath to add a touch of whimsy and allure. Paired with waved latex frilling cascading gracefully at the front and encircling your form, this sheath exudes charm and sophistication from every angle.

Crafted with careful consideration, this latex sheath is ingeniously designed to remain open, allowing for the delightful exposure of your little one. The inclusion of a second, smaller latex bow at the bottom ensures that you embody the essence of a true sissy girl, radiating cuteness and charm with every movement.

Whether you’re indulging in private fantasies or flaunting your femininity in public, our enchanting latex sheath promises to elevate your experience to new heights of allure and elegance. Embrace your inner sissy and step into a world of enchantment with this captivating piece.

you are not going to find those briefs in another store!

Size: One size

Unstretched Measurements:

Total lenght: 16 cm (inches: 6.3)
Sheath: 10 cm (uinches (3.9)
Diameter: 4 cm (inches: 1.6)

It can stretch to fit a bigger size

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