Sissy Frilled latex Briefs

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Latex Sissy Briefs, designed to captivate with their alluring charm and exquisite craftsmanship. Crafted from luxurious sissy Bubblegum Pink latex, these briefs are adorned with an abundance of pristine White Latex Frills along the sides and back, exuding sissy femininity and grace. Adding to their allure is a discreet back zipper, ensuring a seamless and comfortable fit.

But that’s not all—these sissy panties feature a front OPEN HOLE for your tiny winnie, allowing just a teasing glimpse of your femininity and adorned with a delicate White Latex Bow for added sophistication. Elevate your sissy wardrobe with these mesmerizing briefs, guaranteed to turn heads and leave a lasting impression.

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Sissy Frilled Latex Briefs

Introducing our exquisite Latex Sissy Briefs, meticulously crafted to enchant with their irresistible allure and impeccable attention to detail. These captivating sissy briefs are fashioned from the finest Bubblegum Pink latex, chosen specifically to enhance the sissy aesthetic. Adorned with lavish White Latex Frills cascading along the sides and back, they exude sissy femininity and grace, elevating your sissy persona to new heights of elegance.

Enhancing their sissy appeal is a discreet back zipper, seamlessly blending style with comfort for a flawless fit. However, it’s the thoughtful design detail of a front OPEN HOLE that truly sets these briefs apart. Delicately adorned with a White Latex Bow, it offers a tantalizing peek of your femininity, teasingly accentuating your sissy charm.

Indulge in the ultimate sissy experience and adorn yourself with these mesmerizing briefs, guaranteed to captivate onlookers and leave a lasting impression wherever you go.

EXCLUSIVE design: You are not going to find these briefs in another store!

UNSTRETCHED measurements

Size Small (10) Waist: 28.3 inches (72 cm) Hips: 29.9 inches (76 cm)
Size Medium (12) Waist: 29.9 inches (76 cm) Hips: 31.5 inches (80 cm)
Size Large (14) Waist: 31.5 inches (80 cm) Hips: 33.1 inches (84 cm)
Size XLarge (16) Waist: 33.9 inches (86 cm) Hips: 34.6 inches (88 cm)
Size 2XL Waist: 35.4 inches (90 cm) Hips: 36.2 inches (92 cm)
Size 3XL Waist: 37 inches (94 cm) Hips: 37.8 inches (96 cm)
Size 4XL Waist: 38.6 inches (98 cm) Hips: 39.4 inches (100 cm)
Size5XL Waist: 40.2 inches (102 cm) Hips: 40.9 inches (104 cm)

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