Maid Breathing Hood

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Experience the pinnacle of breath play with our top-tier Vacuum Latex Hood. Designed with a front bag featuring a small hole, this hood inflates and deflates with each breath, providing a thrilling sensation as air passes through. Enhancing its allure is a heart decoration on the front hole, along with a stylish white contrast trim at the neck and an eye-catching big bow upside. Elevate your playtime with our Latex Vacuum Hood.

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Latex Maid Breathing Hood

Introducing our premium Vacuum Latex Maid Hood, designed for the ultimate breath play experience. This innovative hood boasts a front bag with a small hole, allowing for controlled inflation and deflation with each breath. You’ll enjoy a sensation like no other as a small amount of air passes through the hole, heightening your breath play experience to new heights.

But that’s not all—our Latex Vacuum Maid Hood features a charming front hole adorned with a contrast color heart decoration, adding a playful and provocative touch to your ensemble. The bag inflates and deflates effortlessly through the air hole, ensuring seamless operation during your play sessions.

To enhance its appeal further, this hood is accented with a stylish white contrast trim at the neck and a delightful big bow upside, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your look. Whether you’re indulging in intimate role-play scenarios or exploring the depths of your desires, our Vacuum Latex Hood promises to deliver an experience that’s both thrilling and unforgettable.

EXCLUSIVE design and great fitting pattern:
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