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At this moment we are using Paypal as Payment Gateway for credit/debit card users (no Paypal account needed) and also available for Paypal users so Your card details are never given to us.

In addition you are protected by SSL certificate to encrypt all the relevant data you send to our Payment Processor at credit card checkout process. SSL, Short for Secure Sockets Layer, is a protocol developed to encrypt data for transmitting sensible information via the Internet. SSL uses a cryptographic system that uses two keys to encrypt data. By convention, websites adress using SSL connection starts with https: instead of http:


How can I know Latex Seduction checkout is using SSL?

You will see the website adress at the last step of the checkout process showing the Credit Card form starts with https: If you are using Firefox you will notice the adress bar is also shown in yellow.

In adittion you will see a small lock icon at the bottom-right corner of your Internet Browser. You can clik on it to see more details about the SSL certificate.


Why can I can't see the SSL certificate using the Bank Transfer Payment option?

SSL certificates is for protecting your data. It is not needed at Bank Transfer Payment due you are not sending any relevant or sensible data to us. You only need to print or copy our Bank Account Number and made a money transfer to us at your Bank Office.